Ask Your Software’s Onboarding Team These 5 Questions

September 28, 2023

When it comes to adopting new software for your campground, the onboarding team plays a pivotal role. They are your first point of contact, walking you through the intricacies of the system and ensuring a smooth transition.

Tess Campbell from Kountry Resort Campground wholeheartedly agrees.

“Thanks, Onboarding, for being there when we joined the CampLife family,” Tess said. “Our Coach was a blessing to our campground. I absolutely loved the support we received as we navigated our way through all the program has to offer. It was so comforting to know there was someone available to assist us when needed.”

Tess’ words underscore the value of having a dedicated onboarding team by your side. To make the most of this valuable resource, here are 5 questions you should ask your software’s onboarding team:

  1. Will I have a dedicated Onboarding Coach throughout the process?

Continuity is key. Find out if you will work with the same Onboarding Coach from start to finish.

  1. What role does the Onboarding Coach play in my park build?

Onboarding should coordinate with customer success, accounting, the map designer, and the software development team in order to set the roadmap for a successful park build. Seek out an onboarding team that serves as the orchestrator for your build, overseeing all aspects to make sure everything aligns with your vision of how they should work.

  1. Can my Coach tailor the setup to my unique needs?

A great onboarding team understands that one size doesn’t fit all. They should be able to adapt the software to tackle almost any rate and availability scenario. Simply share your rate structure and park operations and your Onboarding Coach should input that information for you.

  1. Will the onboarding team import reservations and guest information?

Check with Onboarding to see if they have a plan to transfer your existing data over to your new system so you don’t have to worry about losing guest information or current reservations. 

  1. Will I have a chance to test the setup before going live?

Your Onboarding Coach should allow ample time to test every aspect of the build and provide feedback. Also, ask if they provide a staging environment to practice using the software and train staff before going live.

With the right onboarding team, your journey into the world of new software can be as smooth as Tess’ experience. So don’t hesitate to ask these questions and leverage Onboarding’s expertise to make the most of your software investment.

Want to know more about how CampLife’s dedicated onboarding team makes transitioning to new software a breeze? Reach out! We’d love to talk with you.  

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