Frequently Asked Questions


What about Campground Automation, Sunrise, and Panorama?
What do you mean by "real-time"?
How many users can be using the software at once?
What if I lose my Internet connection?
What are the System Requirements for CampLife?
Do I have to take reservations online?
Do I have to put all of my sites on CampLife?
Can you import my current customer and/or reservation information?


How do I sign up?
How long does it take to get up and running?
What does the setup fee provide?
Do I have to sign up with a new credit card processor?
How will I be billed?
For which reservations will I pay a transaction fee?
Can I accommodate the transaction fee in my rates?
Can I upgrade plans?


How do I apply rate and business rule changes? Who does it?
What kind of custom rules can be created?
What does it cost to have custom rules built?
What can I do with the standard rating?
If a guest books a reservation online, can the park provide a confirmed reservation without guaranteeing a specific site?
Will it work with my accounting software?


What kind of support do I get with CampLife?
Is support really free?
What about Friday or Saturday?


Can I use CampLife to control my gate system?
Do you also create websites?
Can I include images of my park/sites on the online reservation system?
Can CampLife help me promote my park?
I have a question that is apparently not frequently-asked. Where can I get an answer?
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