CampLifer Spotlight | Johannes Chitura

August 8, 2023

Software development hasn’t always been in Johannes Chitura’s wheelhouse—but it is now.

In fact, he helps keep the wheels propelling CampLife’s robust rules engine turning and burning. And he can’t imagine doing anything else.

The Engine Rules

“I’ve always been someone who tinkers with things,” admitted Johannes, Junior Developer for CampLife.

So when he decided to leave education for a totally different career, software development landed at the top of his list. 

He even had friends step up to support and guide him as he took the necessary courses to pursue his new trade.

“So many people during my transition helped out a lot,” Johannes recalled. “One friend in particular, Prince, spent 8 hours a day going through the basics. I’m forever indebted to him. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my friend, Prince.”

Just where is Johannes, exactly? Well, he’s glad you asked. 

“I always say I’m in the wheelhouse—the engine room at CampLife,” Johannes said with a chuckle. “It is tough. It’s hot in here. It’s a lot of work. At the same time, it’s the realization that the engine is what keeps CampLife going, and that’s what makes me happy.”

Johannes begins his day working through the rules and reports queue, particularly addressing requests and fixes that have a high priority. It’s a vital role as the rules engine truly is the muscle behind the software. 

Although he jokes about working down in the engine room, Johannes knows what he does is serious business. 

However, the rules engine provides plenty of space to exercise his creative side as well—and that may be one of the best benefits for CampLife parks.

Custom Creator

“My favorite part of my job is working with custom rules,” said Johannes.

When CampLife parks present rare situations that don't quite fit within the range of standard capabilities, they reach out to their Onboarding Coach or the Customer Success team and request a custom rule.

And those team members reach out to developers like Johannes, who promptly hop out of the wheelhouse and into the design studio.

Like a skilled craftsman, Johannes takes the bits of information gathered from the park and all the different code he needs and builds something new—something that directly enhances that particular park.

“With custom rules, you’re pretty much creating something that does not exist, or more like a functionality that doesn’t exist at CampLife,” Johannes explained. “Chances are, that functionality doesn’t exist with other providers, either. So being the person who is responsible for creating that is a unique opportunity.”

Of course, Johannes isn’t the only person responsible for CampLife’s rules engine and the custom rules that make it even more intuitive. He’s part of a dynamic group of developers who are great at building software.

They’re even greater at building confidence.

Trust the Work

“I’m classified as a junior developer—someone who’s just starting out in this career,” Johannes shared. “This is hands down the best place to be for someone who’s very new in this career because the senior devs are so supportive.”

Johannes feels he’s grown exponentially since joining CampLife because of the senior devs’ mentorship and their open-door policy. He feels completely at ease going to them with questions because he trusts he’s going to get the best advice possible.

The senior devs trust him, too, and that’s spurred his growth on even more.

“In many companies, if you’re just starting out, chances are you are not going to push anything to production in the first year,” Johannes confessed. “I was already pushing code to production in the first few months. That level of trust makes me feel confident in what I do and reassures me that this is the place I want to be.”

CampLife’s Dev team is made up of Senior, Mid, and Junior Devs, but according to Johannes, the leadership makes sure everyone has a seat at the table when important discussions take place.

“And if the Senior Devs are moving too fast, the Junior Devs can say, ‘Hey, can you explain this?’ “ Johannes said. “They’re always willing to stop and give context on what they’re trying to achieve so you never feel left out. That builds a lot of confidence and motivation in a developer. It makes the team dynamics work very well.”

Are you a developer who’s looking for a seat at the table alongside mentors willing to help you grow in your confidence and your capabilities? CampLife could be the place for you. Visit our career page for more information. 

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