CampLifer Spotlight | Kristine Sanchez

September 19, 2023

As CampLife’s Customer Success Coach, Kristine Sanchez serves as a lifeline to parks who need a hand operating the software. 

She takes her job seriously because early on, she needed a lifeline—or two—as well.

Sharing Knowledge

With a background in education, Kristine wasn’t sure how her teacher’s heart would resonate in a software company.

“Technology is not something I had prior experience in,” Kristine confessed. “I was good with technology, but to be able to convey how to use it to someone else, that’s completely different.”

However, Kristine quickly realized that learning to navigate CampLife’s system wasn’t a solo mission. She had help.

“The team never left me stranded,” Kristine explained. “There was always someone ready and willing to jump in and help. For me, it was like that game show ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ I knew I could phone a friend.”

And she could phone her new friends as many times as she needed to get comfortable with the software. 

“Once you have that explanation or the information you need, then you have confidence,” Kristine added. “You can now translate that information outwardly. You can share that knowledge so that parks feel comfortable and confident in what they’re doing.”

And that’s when she knew her teaching ability naturally aligned with her new role.

Looking to Teach 

When parks reach out to Kristine, her focus extends beyond answering questions; she seeks to impart some of the knowledge she’s gained, too.

“If we have an article or a video available, I try to point parks to those so the resource can instruct them on how to navigate the system,” Kristine said. “Sometimes that’s not quite enough, though.”

In those instances, Kristine has an even better plan to get parks where they need to be.

“I love training,” Kristine admitted. “So if it’s something the park is willing to learn, I’ll offer a training session either the same day or when they have time to dedicate to it. That way, a park can work on things at their convenience and they don’t have to depend on someone to do things for them.”

Parks can either schedule those training sessions via their personal communication with Customer Success, or they can visit the Customer Support page to book 15, 30, or 60-minute sessions. 

Either way, Kristine meets them there, ready to help them gain insight and independence in their operations.

“There’s personal fulfillment in watching it click for our parks,” Kristine said. “They come in with a struggle, but after training, they say, ‘Oh, it’s that easy? I get this!' ”

And it’s even more fulfilling that she’s able to gift her parks the knowledge they need. Seriously!

Leveling Up 

“Training has become such a huge part of our Customer Success department,” Kristine said. “Before, it may have been peripheral, but now it’s something we are all doing on a continual basis.”

The impact is evident, as more parks embrace these training sessions and walk away equipped with newfound knowledge. 

The best part? CampLife extends these training sessions at no additional cost.

“Parks already know training is available to them,” Kristine said. “They see the button on the support page. A lot of parks are apprehensive, though. They don’t want to do something that’s going to cost them extra. So when parks find out training is readily available to them at no charge, they’re like, ‘Let’s do this!’ It’s so good to see.”

And for Kristine, it’s good to be a part of a team that values empowering park staff so they can take their operations to the next level.

“I feel like I learn things all the time, and CampLife encourages that,” Kristine shared. “I’ve gained so much confidence, and I want others to have that same level of confidence, too.”

If you’re passionate about sharing knowledge and making an impact, CampLife might be the place for you. Visit our career page for more information. 

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