CampLifer Spotlight | Lacy Oesch

July 6, 2023

Lacy Oesch likes to talk. 

“I can always make conversation,” she said.

However, since joining CampLife as an Onboarding Coordinator, Lacy recognizes the difference between talking and communicating—and she’s gotten pretty good at both.

Good Intentions 

Onboarding is a personal experience for CampLife parks, and coordinators like Lacy serve as their first point of contact. During those initial communications, Lacy gathers the information needed to build a park in the system. Then she works closely with staff, guiding them through the testing phase and sticking with them well after they begin taking live reservations. 

Like an experienced conductor, Lacy orchestrates each phase of a park’s build—coordinating with Customer Success, Accounting, and the software development team to ensure everything is in sync.

That’s where her capacity for conversation serves her well.

“I’m not just a talker,” Lacy explained. “I like learning about people and figuring out how their processes work. I’ve never run a campground, so there are lots of things I’m still learning about the camping industry. Learning the software has made me aware of how CampLife’s programs work and the intentions behind them.”

Lacy brings the insight she gleans from talking with park owners together with her knowledge of CampLife’s software to help her find the best solutions that keep park operations running smoothly—maybe even better. 

And that’s where honing her delivery serves her parks well.

“Since joining the CampLife team, I’ve become a better communicator,” Lacy admits. “I’ve learned to use my written words more effectively. Being that I can’t just walk into the office next door and see these park owners, I’ve had to learn how to convey emotion in emails or over the phone in a way that it’s still received well—without being too point-blank. That’s definitely a skill.”

It’s a skill she continues to polish because she has the best intentions for her parks. She wants them to know that. And she loves that her teammates share the same sentiment.

Happy Campers

“The culture here is different,” Lacy shared. “There’s not a single person at CampLife that has a malicious intention. Everybody is in it for the good of CampLife and for the good of our parks. Having that means more to me than anything I do in my job.”

Lacy is quick to confess that in the past she’s been a part of businesses that did not cultivate the same culture. So to her, CampLife truly stands out.

“Everybody believes in what we’re doing,” Lacy said. “You can’t replicate that. I can do any job as long as I’ve got a good team with me. I could dig ditches as long as the people I’m digging with are happy to be there, too.”

Obviously, Lacy doesn’t deal with ditches here at CampLife. Instead, she uses her communication skills to dig into the specifics of each park build to develop a unique plan that ultimately sets her parks up for success.

And that’s something she loves to talk about.

At CampLife, we certainly appreciate a good communicator. Does that describe you? If so, visit our career page for a current list of available positions.

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