CampLifer Spotlight | Lisa Keck

October 24, 2023

CampLife team members describe Lisa Keck as a mother hen. She watches over every detail of each park’s unique build, ensuring they’re ready to soar in the CampLife system.

But she doesn’t take it personally when one of her parks is ready to leave the nest. Instead, she celebrates with them—because they’re well-prepared for the journey.

Onboarding: Where It Begins

For CampLife parks, onboarding is not a destination—it’s a starting point. And as Onboarding Manager,  Lisa is one of the first voices these parks hear. 

“After signing on with CampLife, parks don’t know the next steps without Onboarding,” Lisa said. “I enjoy working with our parks on that. I’m super big on making sure they have the best setup they can have.”

Lisa’s approach involves close collaboration with each park, collecting essential information about their layout and operations. Really, she’s bringing two vantage points together, making sure everything aligns seamlessly.

“I’ve got to dig out everything the park owner knows about the park,” Lisa shared. “I’m aware that I ask a lot of questions, but I need to understand their processes. They know their park, and I know the system. It’s my job to put everything together in a way that’s easy to understand.”

While it’s true that Lisa leaves no stone unturned when it comes to understanding the nuances of each park, she has good reason for doing so. And it’s not just related to her side of the build.

Accepting the Challenge

“I like helping the parks see what the system can do for them,” Lisa admitted. “I think CampLife can always do more than they expect, so it’s fun to show them that and help them figure out the best way they can operate.”

Going beyond reservations and diving into the ways CampLife can make day-to-day activities run smoothly results in a reciprocal relationship where Lisa and park administrators bounce ideas off of one another—and they both come out stronger because of it.

“Our parks, in so many ways, make us a better company,” Lisa explained. “We are always innovating for them.”

And Lisa is always stretching her knowledge for the sake of her parks.

“Sometimes you have to think outside the box to make things work for a park,” Lisa confessed. “I actually view that as a challenge. I don’t feel pressured about that. It’s helped me grow.”

While Lisa has certainly grown into someone new CampLife parks come to depend on, she’s also grown in her role within the company—and that may be her favorite challenge yet.

The Wow Factor

As CampLife continues to expand its reach, Lisa’s responsibilities have evolved significantly, and she now oversees the entire Onboarding department. In her own words, “I’m going through a season where things are changing for me because I have a team now.”

However, she still applies that same mother-hen mentality to her team, offering the support and guidance that they, in turn, extend to their parks.

“I’ve always enjoyed helping people. I like teaching the parks because I want them to be able to follow everything I do and be able to jump in and understand their build. That plays out to my team, too. I want to make sure they understand and can teach all that as well.”

As Lisa coaches her Onboarding team, she encourages them to be curious and ask the right questions. She advises them to allow plenty of time for their parks to ask questions as well. That way everyone feels confident in the process. That’s the end goal, after all.

“I love the group we have,” Lisa said. “We will make sure it all comes together in a way that is efficient for each park and impresses them. I want them to be wowed by the system—because it can wow people.”

Are you a campground owner ready to take the next step and transition to CampLife? Lisa and her Onboarding team are here to make sure your park has the best setup possible.

Reach out today and start your CampLife journey. We’re here to help you soar!

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