CampLifer Spotlight | Nicole Tedder

July 26, 2023

If CampLife designed a t-shirt with a red cape on the back specifically for Nicole Tedder, her teammates wouldn’t even be mad about it. Because when her parks reach out for help, Nicole fearlessly answers the call.

And her advice always adds up.

The Right Stuff 

As CampLife’s Customer Success and Accounting Coach, Nicole begins her day by checking the audit report to make sure journal entries post correctly. 

Seriously. She likes that sort of thing.

“Accounting has always been a passion of mine,” Nicole shared. “I went to school for accounting. This is the first job where I’m making use of revenue reporting. That’s been nice—to do what I actually went to school for.”

It’s especially nice for CampLife parks who could potentially get into some sticky situations without someone like Nicole watching out for them.

“If parks use the wrong revenue reporting for lodging taxes, for example, they could end up in litigation with their state and face fines in wrongly paid taxes,” Nicole explained.  “So having somebody that understands the difference between cash and accrual revenue recognition and can look at one of our reports and tell if it’s the report they need is a huge benefit to our parks.”

Nicole’s impact goes far beyond sending out reports, though. She takes the time to empower her parks with an understanding of the principles behind the reporting they need—and that’s where she really makes her work count.

She Gets It

Nicole doesn’t speak Greek. However, she admits it may sound a bit like it when she talks accounting. Thankfully, she’s quite the wordsmith, too.

“In previous roles, everyone I worked with shared the same accounting skill set,” Nicole admitted. “But in this job, I’ve gotten a lot better at finding ways to explain complex topics in a way that the average person without an accounting background will still be able to comprehend.”

Of course, accounting issues park owners deal with are not always easy fixes. But they can rest assured that Nicole has the knowledge to help them unravel their loose ends and tie them back together in a way that makes their revenue reporting a lot neater going forward.

“Parks don’t have to teach the person they’re working with at CampLife what the issue is,” Nicole explained. “I can say, ‘Yes, I totally understand.’ “

And she does.

Never Fear

Nicole can tackle cash and accrual questions and leap long lists of journal entries in a single bound. But her compassion may be her true superpower. 

“I love working with people,” Nicole said. “I definitely love that our parks can have confidence in knowing that the report they’re pulling can actually be used to file their income taxes and their state taxes. That’s probably the biggest win for this position.”

So for parks that may think accounting is too complicated to make sense of or fear that no one can explain their situation in layman’s terms, there’s no need for fear. Nicole is here—for you. 

That’s her favorite part of the job.

“Parks really count on me for having a thorough understanding of the system just by virtue of having been here a while,” Nicole said. “I think they have a level of trust that the answer they receive from me is the answer they need. That’s the feedback I get from them. They’re going to get a quick answer so they can get back to work. That’s the thing I’m most proud of, and the developers have designed such an amazing software package, it’s almost too easy.”

At CampLife, we believe knowledge mixed with compassion is a great recipe for a successful teammate. Does that describe you? If so, visit our career page for a current list of available positions.

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