Our Commitment to You

July 24, 2023

Choosing campground reservation software is more than simply looking for a good deal. It’s a big deal for you and your park. Essentially, you're pulling back the curtain on park operations and trusting partners like CampLife to keep things running smoothly, or maybe even better. We don’t take that lightly.

In our efforts to keep our fingers on the pulse of industry trends, we’ve had some open and honest conversations with park owners, like you. We know you have concerns about some things that are happening in the industry, so we want to take a moment to address them. 

We’ve written out our response to those concerns to define what our commitment to our parks looks like in action. Think of it as our promise to you.

We Don’t Share Your Data

In fact, we don’t do anything with it. We have no hidden agenda or backdoor agreements with other businesses.

We understand that your data is your property, and we treat it with the utmost respect.

We Don’t Share Private or Business Financials

Although we process sensitive information regarding a park’s revenue, rest assured we keep that information confidential. You won’t find obscure lines in the End User Agreement saying we can share your profit margins with interested parties. 

We are here to support your business—not broadcast it.

We Stay Up to Date With Legal Requirements

We have a responsibility to ensure that our software complies with relevant laws and regulations. We take this responsibility seriously and stay up to date with any legal requirements that may impact our software.

We regularly train our team members to keep them in the know regarding policies and procedures, and we retain consultants as needed when creating, maintaining, and implementing policy and regulation changes.

We Work With You, Not Against You

CampLife doesn’t own any commercial campgrounds, so you never need to feel as if you’d be competing against us. 

As mentioned above, we process data regarding revenue, so we get that having what is essentially a competitor privy to financials would be unnerving, to say the least. That’s why we aim to keep making great software that helps parks succeed. 

And you’re pretty great at park ownership—so we’ll gladly leave that up to you!

We Will be Transparent About New Feature Timelines

Some of our up-and-coming software features take time. We commit to being upfront regarding when to expect feature releases and enhancements. Simply put—we won’t tell you to look for a new feature next week if we know there’s no way we can make that happen.

We Will Continue to Provide Award-Winning Customer Service

When issues arise, we won’t respond with automated, canned answers. When you reach out, you’ll get a real-live member of our Customer Success team who will take the time to look into your situation and respond with helpful, unique-to-you information. 

We Won’t Surprise You With Hidden Fees

CampLife offers multiple pricing plans, and we often work with potential customers on a plan tailored for them. There are no hidden fees and no commission for reservations booked on our marketplace.

Some Things Never Change

What you need from us may grow and evolve over time, and that’s ok. We are growing and evolving, too. However, aligning our business with our customer’s needs is one thing that will never change. 

That’s our commitment to you.

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