Trackrock Campground: Where Beauty Meets Hospitality

When campers venture onto Trackrock Camp Road for the first time, they may question if they’ve taken a wrong turn and ended up in the middle of nowhere.

Yet as the road winds on, it unveils one of the most spectacular views they’ve ever laid eyes on. Here, amid the Georgia mountains, sits a family-run campground that has been welcoming wandering travelers for over 50 years. 

And before campers ever check in, they know they’ll be back.

A Dream Takes Root

In the 1940s, Tommie Alexander enlisted in the U.S. Army and shipped off to fight for his country during World War II. Throughout his travels in Europe, Tommie admired the mountainous vacation spots Europeans enjoyed before the war and would surely return to when the chaos ended. 

“They inspired him,” said his wife, Martha.

When he returned to his home in Blairsville, GA in 1952, Tommie couldn’t shake the images of those beautiful landscapes that drew in travelers from all over the world. He knew the mountains of north Georgia were just as stunning, so he used money from the G.I. Bill to purchase 250 acres of farmland from his sister and her husband.

In 1966, after years of hard work and planning, Tommie and Martha opened Trackrock Campground and Cabins. 

“It was four of us kids and Mom and Dad,” recalled Sonya Alexander, Tommie and Martha’s daughter. “We only had 16 campsites and one bath house. We borrowed four horses so we could do trail rides with them. This campground has been in our family ever since.”

Sonya attributes the campground’s success to a combination of her family’s effort and her father’s big imagination.

“Dad got four buffalo. That was to get the tourists off the road and to come to Trackrock when they’d see the signs saying we had buffalo,” Sonya remembered. “We had a rock building that used to be the egg house when we had chickens. Dad would start card games in there. He’d do magic and have music in the cow barn. He was always coming up with something.”

It worked because once a family experienced camping at Trackrock, they were hooked. They’d return year after year—because they got way more than just a cool place to camp out of the deal.

A Deep Connection

“Dad would sit in the rocking chair at the office, and he’d greet everyone,” Sonya shared. “As kids, we were encouraged to get out, meet the campers, and do things with them.”

So they did. 

Sonya, her sisters Mary and Linda, and their brother, Frank, led trail rides, shared potluck dinners with the campers, and simply got to know the people who came to cherish their land as much as they do.

“People we met in our childhood still come here,” Sonya said. “Some of them now struggle with serious health issues, but they will come and say, ‘I just wanted to see this place one more time.’ This campground has touched so many people’s lives.“

And so has the Alexander family. 

Same Family, Same Vision

Though Tommie passed away in 2008, he left behind his vision for Trackrock and his desire to connect with his guests. That legacy lives on through Martha, Sonya, Mary, Linda, and Frank—who continue to oversee every facet of their park’s operations.

Today, Trackrock has grown to over 100 sites, plus 5 cabins. Yet the awe-inspiring mountain views and the warm, family-friendly atmosphere remain untouched by time. They continue to draw visitors in just like Tommie knew they would.

It’s undeniable that Trackrock and the Alexander family mean something to campers in north Georgia.

Therefore, they mean something to us at CampLife, too.

As a family-owned business, we understand the value of building lasting relationships. We are truly honored to partner with the Alexander family. 

While we may not be able to personally greet every camper, we can certainly streamline essential tasks like reservations, guest communication, and financial reporting so the Alexanders can continue doing what they do best—making their guests feel like family.

To learn more about Trackrock Campground and Cabins, visit their website or better yet, plan a trip to experience it firsthand. 

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