4 Reasons Every Campground Should Get a Kiosk

January 21, 2016

The technology available to the general public these days is pretty amazing. I’m sure everyone has seen those “hoverboards”, people are riding around in cars that drive themselves, and TV’s are so crisp it looks like you are there. Why not use some of this AMAZING technology to your advantage?!

Here are 4 reasons every campground should have an un-manned kiosk.

You will never miss out on a reservation!

With a kiosk you can virtually be “at the office” 24/7 to accept reservations, take payments, print them an invoice, and even direct the campers to their sites. And the best part about it is this machine does all the work for you!

It can speed up the check in process

Having a line forming on a Friday afternoon is never fun. With the check in kiosk, direct your campers to the kiosk and let it do the work for you.

Let people pay their account 24/7

Do you have workers at your park come in all hours of the day and “miss you” in the office every time the first of the month comes around? Let them know that they can pay 24/7 when you get an unmanned kiosk!

Campers want it

If you have been to an airport lately, odds are you have used a kiosk. Campers have grown accustomed to using it in their daily life and want to start seeing it at campgrounds!

If you think getting a kiosk sounds like something you would be interested in please check out our features page to learn more!

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