5 Questions to Ask Your Credit Card Processor

May 2, 2024

As a campground owner, you’re in the unique position of both appreciating nature and embracing technology—especially when it comes to payment processing. In an era aptly summed up by one park owner's observation—"Everybody has a phone. Nobody has a wallet"—adapting to the rapid shift in consumer behavior is essential. But with numerous payment processors available, how do you choose the right one for your campground?

To aid in this crucial decision, we’ve teamed up with Nicole Tedder, CampLife Customer Success team's resident accounting coach, to outline five critical questions you should ask potential credit card processors.

1. What Payment Methods Do You Support? Your guests come with varying preferences for payment methods, ranging from traditional credit cards to modern mobile payments. Nicole emphasizes, "Parks want flexibility in what forms of payment the processors can take. They now need hardware that supports all the electronic payments." Ensuring your processor can handle everything from traditional credit cards to mobile payments is key to serving your guests effectively. 

2. How Do You Handle Accounting and Reconciliation? Efficient reconciliation is crucial for daily operations. A good processor should make journal entries based on funding dates to ensure that your records accurately reflect what you’re actually getting paid.

3. Can You Explain Your Fee Structure Clearly? Some processors introduce a myriad of fees that can catch a park owner by surprise. These can include monthly minimum fees, annual fees, cancellation or termination fees, setup fees, and additional fees levied for using special kinds of cards, like rewards cards. There’s also the matter of PCI non-compliance fees, on top of the standard card present and card not present percentage rates, and authorization fees. “All these tiers of fees make it difficult for parks to estimate fees based on the transactions they’re actually processing,” Nicole explained. Opt for a processor with transparent and predictable fees to avoid surprises.

4. What Is Your Customer Support Like? Reliable customer support is essential. Nicole shares that parks often report "spending three to four hours just on hold before they can even address their issue." Verify that the processor offers multiple support channels like phone, email, and live chat to make sure you can get help promptly and effectively.

5. How Quickly Can I Start Processing Payments? The speed of onboarding with a processor is critical to avoid operational downtime. Check if the processor offers a quick, straightforward onboarding process, preferably online, so you can start processing payments without delay.

Addressing Your Needs with CampLife Pay

In response to the challenges campground owners face, CampLife Pay is more than just a payment processor. It’s a community designed to prioritize your needs. CampLife Pay—informed by ongoing dialogue with park owners and supported by CampLife’s Customer Success team—is crafted to not only meet today’s requirements but also anticipate future challenges.  

Here’s what you can expect with CampLife Pay:

  • Efficient Journal Entry Cycle: Simplifies reconciliation of software reporting with bank deposits.
  • Daily Deposits: Ensures a steady cash flow and keeps operations more predictable.
  • Transparent Fees: Straightforward fee structure with clear costs, eliminating surprises.
  • Direct Support: Quick, accessible support without the long waits.

“With CampLife Pay, customers reach out to CampLife’s support team,” Nicole said. “Staying on hold for three to four hours? That never happens here. Because of our integrations, we can answer a lot of questions like, ‘Why was this card denied?’ We can see that information and give an answer right away.”

Let’s Start A Conversation

The CampLife team understands the importance of choosing the right payment processor. That’s why we invite you to reach out. Whether you have questions or want to discuss how CampLife Pay can fit into your operations, we’re here for the conversation. It’s about finding the right fit for you and ensuring your guests’ experiences are smooth from start to finish.

Ready to take the next step or just curious to learn more? Schedule a demo or download our free checklist. It’s designed to guide you through the complexities of selecting a payment processor, with key considerations and important questions that will help you make the most informed decision for your campground. 

Start your journey to efficient payment processing today. Download the checklist and see how CampLife Pay can support your campground’s path toward success!

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