‍events + activities

Revolutionize your guests' experience with CampLife's Events + Activities feature!

Manage Everything in one spot.

Create a variety of exciting activities for guests to enjoy—everything from sunset hikes to kayak tours.

Easily manage the happenings in your park by linking activities to an event calendar, adding pictures and descriptions, and making tickets available as add-ons to online reservations and in the camp store.

Keep everyone informed.

Simplify event management for your staff, promote activities to reach more customers, and create unforgettable memories for your guests with CampLife’s Events + Activities.

A QR Code in an email displayed on a smartphone to check guests into an event.

Streamline Event Entry.

Use the camera on a mobile device logged into CampLife Hub to check in event guests, confirm a paid balance, and update the entry count by scanning a QR code generated by CampLife in the guests' confirmation email.

Enjoy Simple Pricing.

Events + Activities is included in CampLife’s Unlimited Plan. And for the All Features, Standard, and Premium Plans, it’s just 3% of the total of Events + Activities on the invoice—plus a one-time $99 setup fee. Ask about custom pricing available for large-scale facilities.

Ready to add Events + Activities to your plan? Reach out to our Customer Success team. We’re happy to help you get started.

Set up Events + Activities

All the tools you need to run your park

…and then some 😉

Easy online reservations 🏕️

Hassle-free booking, payment, and confirmation, available from any internet-connected device.

Site Guarantee 📍

Let guests pay to lock in a chosen site during booking. Get paid for accommodating camper preference.

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Easy Recurring
Billing ⏱️

Make billing for long-term guests a breeze and save the time to welcome more guests to your park.

Dynamic Pricing 🗓️

Don’t miss out on revenue from your park! Let CampLife automatically adjust rates to match demand.

Mobile Check-in 🛎️

Frees up staff time by allowing guests to check-in directly from their mobile device.

SMS Texting📱

Keep your guests informed in the moment. Compose texts in seconds or send your pre-made templates.

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Add-ons 🪵

All-in-one cart increases revenue in a convenient single transaction within the reservation interface.

Secure Gate Integration 🔐

Email or text guests unique gate codes, valid only during their stay to maintain security. Anti-passback prevents sharing of personal entry codes. Equipment charges may apply.

Occupancy Maximization 📈

Automated site suggestions match the length of stay to the best available site, without any site shuffling or double-bookings.

Custom Business Rules Interface 🎛️

A robust engine that gives you the freedom to control how your park is set up.

E-Signature and Doc Storage 🔏

Manage liability with digital signatures from guest devices on forms you create and store in CampLife.

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Remote Meter
Reading ⚡️

Receive meter values on demand and invoice charges with a click! Now it’s cost effective to bill all guests for actual usage.

Kiosk 📱

The 24/7 CampLife Kiosk lets guests make reservations, pay, and check themselves in without needing any staff presence. Equipment charges may apply.

Custom Retail Packages 🎁

Easily bundle store items to offer specials, speed up checkout, and move inventory. It’s a win-win for guests and parks.

Point of Sale 🛒

If you sell it, this can manage it! Track and automatically price inventory as well.

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Convenient Work Orders 🛠️

Conveniently track assignment status through the interface, via text, or by email.

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Flexible Guest Credit 🪪

Stop issuing refunds! Use credits to simplify cash handling while also lowering CC fees.

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Reporting 📊

Hundreds of interactive and targeted reports can be scheduled and emailed.

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Integrated payment processing 💳

Using CampLife Pay as your payment processor gives you a one-stop shop for reservation and point of sale system training, optimization, and troubleshooting.

Award-winning Customer Service ✨

It’s all backed up by warm, friendly people who know their stuff and are ready to support you!

Ready to get started?

Manage your park with seamless and modern reservation software for just $3 per reservation.